Newborn Posing Workshop with Kelly Brown

This one-day newborn posing workshop will provide photographers with the right tools and cover all the key elements needed to running a thriving photography business. This workshop runs from 9am to 5pm.

During this workshop Kelly will demonstrate how she confidently and safely poses her models using props & a posing bag to get the most out of every session.  She will also go through how to style each setup, creating beautiful timeless images where the baby is the main focus of every Photograph.  You will also learn how to use different lighting techniques to produce a variety of images with small simple adjustments.

Kelly will thoroughly explain each pose with 2 live models and work with attendees to capture the perfect angles, composition & exposure.


A full break down of what’s covered…

  • Safe work practices
  • Flow posing
  • Using props
  • Wrapping techniques
  • Session workflow
  • Parent posing
  • Transitioning
  • Settling
  • Styling
  • Lighting
  • Lens selection
  • Exposure
  • Camera Angles
  • Composition
  • Post-production
  • Photoshop workflow
  • Compositing images
  • Marketing
  • Pricing for profit
  • Products & Branding


This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to get the most out of their session workflow, learn how to work with awake or unsettled babies or just wanting to speed up their sessions.
You will also gain the fundamentals to not only price yourself but to put the right policies in place and have key marketing strategies to create the business you deserve and dream of.
Lunch & refreshments will be provided.
Also included is a digital workbook covering all the content from the workshop.





Please register your interest for a workshop:

  • Please select the location that you are most interested in attending.
    You will be added to the workshop mailing list by ticking YES

159 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Deb Detlaf says:

    I am transitioning from HS seniors and engagements as a S&B to families and newborns. I have taken 36 hours of safety classes and my background is a pediatric and NICU nurse. I am located in the US and would be so very interested in a posing class in the US.

    Thank you,


  2. gafsou says:

    Hi Kelly
    I’m so in love with your work !! I follow you since years
    You inspired me To become à newborn photographer. I Will die To receive you in my studio near Paris France ! If you plan to come IN France to make a workshop may sure many students are waiting for this Event !!!
    I Will receive in march Erin Elizabeth and Stéphanie lemmens
    Please Feel free To contact me if you are interested. I Will be so honored To be your host <3

    With love
    Aurore Gafsou from evanaissance studio

  3. Ashley Smith says:

    I’m currently watching your “Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers” series and it is great! I’d highly recommend it to any photographer who wants to improve their newborn photography.

  4. Mandy says:

    I would love to attend one of your workshops in person! I’ve watched all of your CreativeLive ones! I live on a small island in Alaska and there are never any workshops that come here..Seattle would be the easiest place to get to go to one for me! I hope to see you add that location to your list!

  5. Nancy says:

    You had me from your very first Creative Live broadcast so many years ago. I have modeled so much of who I am as a photographer after not just your style of photography, but the way in which you conduct yourself and how you respect and regard each precious newborn. From your soft, delicate touch, to your knowledge and respect of baby’s needs – you have empowered me more than you’ll ever know. I will keep my eyes open for info. to come regarding your workshops. I’ve added San Francisco as a possible location for ya! I know you will love it! Fingers crossed on this end! xo

  6. Therena Carlin says:

    You have inspired me from the moment I decided to become a newborn photographer, which just happened to be at the same time your did your creativelive bootcamp 2 yeas ago! I have since bought more of your classes and anytime I need to be inspired before a session or just need a mental “top up” I watch them again. Thank you for sharing your passion and your beautiful art with the rest of the world! Perhaps one day in the future you can come to western Canada for a workshop! I can even provide the space to do it in 🙂
    Warmly, Therena

  7. Emily says:

    I would be absolutely amazed to do a workshop with you Kelly… Your work is to die for and training with you would be amazing. can’t wait to get some more information about the London workshops.

  8. Luba says:

    Kelly, I live in Texas but I’m coming to Russia in June! I wish I could join you there! Love your work. I watched all CreativeLive videos.

  9. Sara says:

    HI Kelly,
    I’m a biiig fan of yours, you’re such an inspiration for all of us!
    I’m wondering if there will be a workshop in France, Italy or Switzerland this year? I’d love to be there if that’s the case!
    I live between this 3 countries, in the alps close to Chamonix. If you ever imagined to come here to teach, I’d love to host a workshop. We never get tired of these amazing views!
    Kind regards,


  10. Ekaterina Tasheva says:

    Hi, I am photogrepher from Bulgaria- Europe. I wish I could receive any information about future workshops in Europe?

    Thanks in advance!
    Wish all the best

  11. kristi-lee says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I am really really intrested in doing the 2 day posing course hopefully early next year & just wanted to know how I find out dates etc and book.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  12. Karen Coughlin says:

    I will be attending the Baby Summitt in Oct and I am so looking forward to meeting you. I am a newer photographer and ready to sign a lease for my new studio and really reaching out to the professionals in this industry. I am drawn to your approach and style. I would like to buy your book, videos etc. Will you be offering discounts at the Summit?

  13. Annelize says:

    Dear Kelly

    I love, love, love your work, you’re Style snd you’re Classic aproach to each photo and create everytime a masterpiece.

    I’m a amateur newborn Photographer and staying in Hartbeespoortdam (near Johannesburg/Pretoria) any possibility that you might offer a newborn workshop in South Africa.

    I purchase all you’re video courses on Creative Life and enjoy every class and detailed information during each session. I also purchase you’re E-book Newborn Photography Guide and almost all you’re Photoshop courses. But i would like to do a hands on workshop with you and to learn from the best. Can you please send me your’e workshop dates for 2016/2017 in Australia and London to make a oplan to attend one of you’re workshops …….



  14. Annelize says:

    Good Day, I’m staying in Hartbeespoortdam near Johannesburg/Pretoria. I’m a amateur newborn photographer.

    I love love love you’re work, your style and classic aproach with each photo. I purchase all you’re video courses on Creative Live. Purchase you’re newborn Photography e-book and all Photoshop lessons

    Any change that you will be coming to South Africa maybe to offer a workshop.

    Would love to learn from the best


  15. Beverley Vugs says:




  16. Carmen Howells says:

    Hi Kelly would like to attend one of your newborn posing classes if you could please provide details of your next available I would really appreciate it,
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon

  17. Dee says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I realise you are just coming off the back end of some amazing training and travels but was wondering if at any point in the near future you may have some workshops available in Melbourne?
    I would really love to attend,
    Thank you

  18. Nada Massoud says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I’m a huge fan if your work.
    I am a pharmacist and photographer by Passion:)
    I started a side business in newborn and baby photography
    Few months ago when my son was born.
    I live in lebanon and would Loove to attebd one of your workshops..
    Obviously australia is too far, but my husband has a business trip
    To london in 10-12 october 2016.
    Is there a chance to have a workshop there on those days??
    Would love to have your opinion on my photos,
    Here’s the link to my page:
    Warm regards

  19. Nada Massoud says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I’m a huge fan if your work.
    I am a pharmacist and photographer by Passion:)
    I started a side business in newborn and baby photography
    Few months ago when my son was born.
    I live in lebanon and would Loove to attebd one of your workshops..
    Obviously australia is too far, but my husband has a business trip
    To london in 10-12 october 2015.
    Is there a chance to have a workshop there on those days??
    Would love to have your opinion on my photos,
    Here’s the link to my page:
    Warm regards

  20. Gianni says:

    I think that THE pressing issue is mertcis and measurement for social media. We cannot duck the ROI questions any longer. Corporations and other organizations have dived into social media with vigour. Now, we must find ways to assess the results of the social media programs. Do we measure results by conversions? By engagement? By something else? And what algorithms can we agree on.A panel on Social media mertcis and measurement would be a worthy agenda item for Mesh08.

  21. Lisa Tyter says:

    Is there anyone out there that would like to do the Sydney 2 day intensive workshop, l have paid the deposit and have a spot but life has taken a twisty turn and cannot go to the workshop. Feel free to email if you would like this spot.

  22. Karin Kalandra says:

    Hello Kelly,
    can you put me on the waitlist for any of the three workshops in April in London?!

    Would love to participate at your workshop!

    Thanks for a short response.

    Best regards from Vienna/Austria
    Karin Kalandra

  23. Jill Anderson says:

    Hi Kelly

    I absolutely love your work but especially the way you work, so calm and confident with newborns.
    Have you visited Bonny Scotland at all yet? It would be great if you could have a workshop here while you are in the UK. I would love to learn from you, from the best x

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  25. Ronnie Cheung says:

    Hi kelly, your work is so fantastic and give me a lot of inspiration. I’m already be your big fan. Do you have plan to come to China running any newborn workshop? Thank you!

  26. Beata says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I am a fresh newborn photographer in China, wondering whether you have any training in China in 2015.



  27. Jasmine says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you ever ran newborn classes in Adelaide as i love your work and would love to learn how to do newborn photography. If you don’t venture out to adelaide would you mind recommending someone who runs classes down here?. Also I’m about to join up to a photography course…is there a particular photography course you’d recommend ? Im looking at the photography institute. Thank you so much!

  28. Lynda Fletcher says:

    Hi Kelly – adore your work and was wondering if you will be running any newborn workshops in Brisbane?

    Many thanks


  29. Martica says:

    Kelly! I’m such a fan of your work…do you have plans to come to Argentina? I’d love to get to meet you and being mentored by you. Thank you! Martha

  30. Holly Matthews says:

    Hi, I am looking at booking my mum in for mothers day. Are you guys in Brisbane? And how much is the workshp ?

  31. Elma Ozcelik says:

    Hi there,I’m in sydney and looking at getting into newborn photography.will you be in sydney this year? Could you recommend anyone in sydney who would mentor? Thank you

  32. Danny says:

    Hi, I am a wedding photographer but I am now starting out in baby, children and Family portraiture.

    I would love to learn more about how to photography and pose babies and children. Can you please let me know when your next class is in Brisbane and the cost of your classes.



  33. Ashley Low says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I am a Newborn Photographer here in Singapore. I love your work and really will love to learn more from you to horn my skills. I just saw that you have a class with 2 Singaporean Photographers. I have been asking about your workshop and I didn’t know you provide personal workshops too, instead of a class as per your dates listed on your website.

    Can you please let me know how I can have a training session from you and if so how much?

    I have enquired in your Facebook and as I need to plan ahead, I really appreciate more information.

    Many thanks and really look forward to your reply.


  34. Chris Coelho says:

    Hi Kelly…
    I just saw… you were right here so close and I missed your workshop.I’m in Hong Kong… Not believed when seen.
    I would like to know if you have another workshop here in china? No matter the city, but here in china… Please Kelly … I would love to learn from you.
    Please let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Chris Coelho

  35. Nicky Mclean says:

    Hi Kelly

    Me Again! Hope you are well. Sorry we never got to catch up when you were in Dubai. We have had a roller coaster few months – set up a new studio and moved house – my goodness.

    Was wondering if I could come to you for a one on one in Brisbane? Do you do workshops on Fridays or Mondays? Looking at flights from Dubai.

    Please send me the price for a one on one.

    Kind Regards

    Nicky Mclean

  36. mariece taylor says:

    PlEa lelets
    Please would like to be on the waiting list for brisbane or qld. But will have to travel so not sure how much wait there is but have been following you and your workshops look brilliant and love your uploads ,)
    Kind regards

  37. Myka says:

    Do you have online classes? I’m from the Philippines and have been wanting to take newborn photography classes but it’s very limited here. Thanks!

  38. Kristy says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I would really love to do the workshop in Brisbane that is scheduled for November…the link for more info doesn’t work 🙁 Just wondering if there’s still places left, and how I go about booking a spot?
    Thanks heaps,
    Kristy xo

  39. Rachel Johnson says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Just wondering if I could be put onto the waitlist for your Sydney class. I am due in 2nd week of Nov and would love to take part.



  40. nicole says:

    hi there, I’m interested in Melbourne workshop, can you tell me where it is held please, and if there are any spaces, kind regards,Nicole

  41. Kristin Natoli says:

    Hi I’m interested in your melbourne class and would like to know
    The price.
    Kind regards kristin

  42. Lesley Lo says:

    Will you do one more day workshop in ShenZhen since this one is full? Or will you even consider to do a workshop in Hong Kong? I would really love to attend your workshop but I was too late!

  43. Simone Markham says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m looking to book your Melbourne course, but I was wanting to ask before I do if you will be taking on any one on one sessions while you are in Melbourne? If you are would you mind emailing me through an idea of what you charge for these. Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,

  44. Kellie Extance says:

    I just see you are coming to Auckland but it has sold out! I’ve watched and bought your Creative Live series but would love to attend your workshop in person. Are you going to do an extra one at all?


  45. Amy says:

    Hello Kelly!

    I’m interested in the workshop in New Zealand, may I know the price and details about the workshop?



  46. Theresa says:

    I am interested in your November 8th workshop in Australia. It looks like the workshop is $1200 which is $1114.08 in US CURRENCY, right?

    How many days does the workshop run? I need to know this to know how many days to book a hotel for? I have never been to Australia. Is there a hotel or some other accommodation that you are recommending attendees stay at that is close to where you are holding the workshop? If not, can you please recommend some safe, decent accommodations that are close to the workshop site?



  47. wendy says:

    Hi Kelly, I know you need a deposit to secure a workshop but if possible, please pencil me in for Auckland for a few days until I can do the deposit. I’m VERY keen to do your workshop with you. Thanks, Wendy

  48. Wendy says:

    Hi Kelly I’m urgently trying to find out if your NZ workshop is in Auckland (and also where in Auckland), I’m there and want to book but no point if its out of Auckland. Cant wait, thanks, Wendy

  49. Belle Morris says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I am interested in a spot in your November Brisbane session and just wondering how much the workshop is? I’m just starting out and don’t have a website yet.

  50. Madeha says:

    Hi, I was so looking forward to getting on to your workshop, is there no way you could add another learner to the Newcastle group.

    We in the UK feel it’s hard greeting onto your workshops. As the places go so fast.

  51. Sugar Shandi says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Just wanted to ask where will be the location for your Sydney workshop?

    Sugar Shandi

  52. Ana Belén Fernández Iniesto says:

    Hi Kelly! Just to say that I love your work and would like to follow you in Barcelona. I see that all the spots are sold so I would like to be in a “waiting list” if one of this spots are available later. Im a new photographer and learning from you most of the the things I know, you are inspiring all my new work so it will be a dream to learn from you. I still dont have website, no good logo, no marketing, even I still didnt earn one euro with photography, but I want to begin in the best conditions and that means to learn from the best nb photographer in the world: you. I let you my fb page. Regards, Ana.

  53. Becotte says:


    I don’t see any date for coming in France… I’m so sad… Paris is fabulous like your images!

    Love your work!

  54. Kylee Sedgwick says:

    Hi kelly,
    My husband john and I had a suprise premature bub on Christmas Day . I hadn’t got around to organising a photographer yet but we are looking for newborn shots. I had to have an emergency Cesar so am unable to drive at the moment . I would be interested in coming for shoot if u have availability soon. My husband would need to come to drive us. His paternity leaves starts next week however is off this Thursdays. Not sure how booked out you are. Also what is a quote for session with you and copies if photos. Do you provide photos on disk?

  55. Amanda Manthey says:


    Hope your Holiday season has been going well!!

    Is there a way to be added to a waiting list for one of the NYC classes, should someone not be able to make it last minute?

    (Or, of course, be notificed if more dates are addded in the US).

    Thanks so much!


  56. Kim Jefferson says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m a photographer in Dubai and I’m trying to book the workshop for next year but paypal isn’t working for me. Is there another way I can make the deposit as I really want to attend 🙂

    • littlepieces says:

      Hi Kim

      there have been a few issues with paypal connecting through from my blog. try completing the form again once you hit submit please wait while the page redirects you and you may need to remove your pop up blocker.


  57. Donna says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I was just wondering if you had any plans to run a workshop in London UK at all? I am fairly new to photography but absolutely love it and since having my son a year ago I have a developed a real interest in newborn photography.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • littlepieces says:

      Hi Karine,
      The total fee for the class is $1400 (Australian Dollars). A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your spot, once your deposit has been paid your name will be added to your chosen class.


  58. misa says:

    hi, I love your photos so much and I wish to learn some useful skill from you. I wonder how much if I want to have a 1 on 1 mentoring class in Australia and available date. Btw, I am from Hong Kong : )

  59. Tash Chalker says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Have decided I want to become a photographer and open up my own newborn photography studio 🙂 I no alot about photography but am planning on doing a manual slr course before going into newborn classes. Was wondering if you do classed in Adelaide and if so is there going to be any in 2014 and what are the costs?

    Would also love as many tips as you can give on what I can do to make my dream possible 🙂

    ThanK you


  60. Cheryl Lopez says:

    I am very interested in your upcoming class in LA. When will registration begin for that? How much are your workshops? Do you random pick from all registrations or is it first come first serve?

  61. Michelle Ward says:

    Hello, Im a HUGE Fan, from Canada, I see you are going to NYC.( I luv you, and NYm so looks like a great trip to me..LOL) I would luv to know when this Event is posted please…Thank you, Michelle

  62. Elle says:

    Hi Kelly!
    Is it possible to be out on an email list for any up coming Melbourne workshops? Would LOVE to attend one!

  63. littlepieces says:

    Hi Mayra
    Thank you for contacting me. I’m currently in Seattle about to teach a class on creativeLIVE with Sue Bryce. I have been receiving emails but unfortunately having problems sending them. I definitely have a spot for you at the workshop in Melbourne on the 6th Oct. If you have any questions and need to contact me – you can message me via my Little Pieces Photography page on Facebook 🙂

  64. Moira Blincoe says:

    Hi Kelly
    Would you consider coming to New Zealand – Auckland specifically – to do a workshop?
    If you were interested I am definitely keen, and have a number of colleagues also wanting more posing etc. tuition, especially from someone like yourself.

    Also, how much of a deposit do you require for your Australian workshops? And do you offer a payment plan?

    And lastly, how many in a workshop – maximum?

    Many thanks,

  65. Bonnie says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Could you please email me with what I need to do to register for the above workshop in Brisbane. Also, could you please let me know some info on your one-on-one mentoring. I’m not sure what would be better for me at this stage.

    Thanks and kind regards
    Bonnie 🙂

  66. Simone Corboy says:

    Very interested in the Melbourne workshop. How much of a deposit do you require and do you organise payment schedules in the lead up to the course?

    Thanks 🙂

  67. Lisa Good says:

    Hi, please let us know when your next course will be and if you are heading over to Perth again? Would love to be involved, thanks, lisa

  68. Jasmine says:

    I was seeing if you had any upcoming Melbourne sessions in Feb, March or April?
    Also, are there any spots available 3rd March?


  69. Kylie Foley says:

    Hi I’d like to attend a newborn posing class/workshop as part of my AIPP learning.
    Could you please advise when your next workshop availability would be and if you intend on coming to Newcastle or Sydney for workshops.

    Thank you

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  71. Lisa says:

    Hi there
    Would love to do this- do you think you would do one in Adelaide??? Though I do have a friend who lives in Mandurah and I could visit her at the same time – just the problem of my 3 mth old son who is BF, so would be sooo much better if you could come to Adelaide

  72. Brooklyn Eller says:

    Hello kellie

    Can you please advise if you are able to travel to me for mentoring sessions in Townsville as I have three people who would like to attend a class and I have an excellent supply of newborn models. Or when your next class is in Brisbane as I am happy to travel.



  73. Kathleen says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m interested in your one-on-one mentoring, as I know you’re not going to have group classes in Brisbane this year. Please send me some info regards to whatever you offer, I’m really keen and would love to be inspired by you 🙂

    Thank you Kelly


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  75. Heidi says:

    Hi Kellie

    I am wondering if you have any spots remaining in your workshops in Brisbane, particuarly on the 6th of November 2011? I have a nephew due to arrive later this month and i’m trying to prepare 🙂

    Thank You!!

  76. Bel says:

    Hi Kelly, I am interested in enrolling in the next class. I am also pregnant & looking for a photographer to take some maternity shots.

    Thanks Bel

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