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Nothing can express the pure joy and love you feel when you meet your very own baby for the first time.  You want to share it with the world!   And what better way then to create a beautiful birth announcement!

I ‘WAS’ creating them so my clients could email or print them to send to friends & family, and have loved this process but now I am creating something a little different and I’m really excited to share it with you – Video Birth Announcements for Photographers.

Because we are now living in an information generation and almost everyone is online – And with video becoming the number one way to market/advertise your business.  I have started using Animoto to create a short video birth announcement that can be shared online with the click of a button.

If you haven’t heard of Animoto they are a slideshow company that helps you to create simple yet stunning slideshows of your images and videos to music.  Their videos are seriously so easy to use and post online that I have decided to no longer give my clients the gift of the ‘Baby Biscuits’ with their package but to now GIVE them these beautiful video birth announcements as a ‘thank you’ for choosing me as their newborn photographer.

During my sessions I now have my clients fill in a form with their babies birth details, I will then select 5 baby photos to edit – and a couple of days later they will receive a link via Vimeo to their birth announcement which they can then share on social media worldwide.



What I absolutely love about this the most is how much joy it brings to my clients.  The messages and calls I have received so far are the reason I am so passionate about baby photography.

For $50 off Animoto Pro till the end of March 2014 use coupon code: hollywood



Announcing Tommy from Kelly Brown on Vimeo..

8 thoughts on “Video Birth Announcements for photographers ~ Brisbane Newborn Photography

  1. Constance Owens says:

    Hello Kelly
    I love the idea of the birth announcements. I got an account with Animoto and have started the process of developing this idea for my new business. However, I am curious… did you get the font you use in the video on this blog? I have not been able to use a script, which is what I prefer. I want something timeless and classic.

    Constance Owens

  2. Lisa says:

    What an awesome idea! Loved Tommy’s announcement, such a gorgeous bub. Love your work Kelly just stunning., Keep up the amazing work. Lisa 🙂

  3. Ying says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for your email about the info of maternity and newborn session. Just want to ask will you do birth session as well? What’s the price of it? My due day is 20th June this year.
    Thank u so much!


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