I can’t remember my password

1 – Go to  STORE > MY ACCOUNT from here you can CLICK on “Lost your password?


2 – Complete the required details


How do I get my download?

1 – For downloadable products, you will be redirected back to the store once you have completed your purchase through pay pay. From here you can log into your account –  STORE > MY ACCOUNT:

My Account

  From here you can see all of your available downloads.



2- You will receive an email with a link to your downloads you will need to be logged into your account to retrieve the file.


How can I load my actions into Photoshop?

1 – Once you have downloaded your actions they will be inside a ZIP folder. Double click the folder to show the contents (if you are using Safari to download they will be in unzipped already). Save this folder to somewhere handy like the desktop.

2 – Open Photoshop, and click on the Actions Palette menu button (located in the top-right of the Actions Palette)

3 – Select “Load Actions”


4 – Select the .atn files from the folder you downloaded and saved to somewhere handy.

5 – Repeat for the other .atn files if necessary

What is the password to open my digital book?

The password instructions are emailed to you, but in case you don’t receive the email your password is the email address you used to purchase the book.

How do I install the Lightroom Collection

To install the Lightroom Collection you will need to have admin privileges on your computer. Please note that this collection is only supported for Lightroom CC 2016 and beyond.

  1. Download and unzip the Lightroom Collection
  2. Open Lightroom
  3. Go to Lightroom -> Preferences -> Presets -> Show Lightroom Presets Folder…
  4. In the new window of your folders, click Lightroom
  5. To install Presets, open Develop Presets folder and drag the folders “Kelly’s Colour Washes” and “Kelly’s Vignettes” from your download.
  6. To install Brushes, open Local Adjustment Presets folder and drag all files from the Brushes folder in your download.
  7. Restart Lightroom