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We all start somewhere… This journey that I’m on; a photography journey that is mine and NO one else’s!

I have wanted to write about this for a while now as I see a lot of comments on social media and I receive a ton of emails from people feeling discouraged about their work because they are comparing themselves to other photographers.

Weather you are running a professional photography studio or you’re someone that simply just loves to take photos – we have all started somewhere and we need to remember that we are all different. We see differently, we’re attracted to different things. It would be an incredibly boring world if we were all the same!   😉

So why is everyone comparing themselves to other photographers when we all have different levels of experience and our busy lifestyles compromise our work time, and again the fact that we are all different and see differently?  To take a photo we have to be able to see to push the shutter, when you develop a photo in a darkroom or on your computer you have to be able to see. If your images look like someone else’s then you are not being true to your own creative self. We need to Stop worrying about what other people will think of your imagery and start making ourselves happy by creating images that YOU yourself love.

I see a lot of people looking for gratification by posting their images on social media, they want to feel encouraged, want to know they’re heading in the right direction – we have all done it. It comes down to our own self worth. When you stop worrying if other photographers like your work or not, then you will grow as an artist and really love what you do.

If you feel like you need a nudge in the right direction or want an image critiqued I highly recommend joining an association if you can in your country or contacting a professional who has been around and knows what they are talking about – looking for critiquing in facebook groups or other social media groups is something I don’t recommend. Why? Because when you put yourself out there for feedback you are going to get a lot of opinions from people who are not qualified to give them and that can be devastating to your confidence if they’re not polite. And lets face it everyone has an opinion if given the opportunity to voice it. You can have 100 amazing comments but it only takes one to make you feel like crap!

So please consider before posting an image in a group for critique – You don’t know who is responding or their level of experience & standard of work. Plus it starts so much unnecessary commenting and most of all your time could be spent better elsewhere. Use social media to post for your clients and to market your business.

When I wanted to take my business to the next level, the best thing I did was study photography – I attended courses at local colleges and also studied online. And I hired someone that I really respected in the industry for a private mentoring session. All have been invaluable to my growth and business.  There is so much information out there available – you only have to go to the creativeLIVE website to see there’s something for everyone.

The only photographer you should be comparing yourself to is yourself.  Looking back at your previous work is a great way to see if you’re improving or to see just how far you have come.

I love our industry and especially the newborn genre of photography and I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me next!  🙂




Kelly Brown – We All Start Somewhere from Animoto on Vimeo.


18 thoughts on “We all start somewhere ~ Brisbane Baby Photographer

  1. Eve says:

    Dear Kelly,

    Thank you so much for the above words. This is something I needed so much. Im so wanting to do this. Ive started the journey with learning from a mentor. This journey is nearly at its end and I thought Id be ready by now. There are several circumstances Im thinking might be in a way of me feeling ready. I dont have a studio yet, Im progressing pretty slowly and I just want to take that perfect photo Im proud of…I just dont want to take any photo…I think this latter Id have to let go and jst kepp on taking pictures?

    Im hoping in a few moths Id feel different, more confident. I have to, Id so much like to do this. In the meantime anytime Im not sure what the next step would be or if Im discouraged Ill try to remember your words as above!:)

  2. Jen says:

    You inspire me so greatly. The way you respect babies and the gentleness that comes through your images is just breathtaking. Not to mention all that you do to help educate photographers. Thank you so much.

  3. Katie Garcha says:

    Hi Kelly your photos are fantastic and are a huge inspiration to me, i have a home studio in Oxfordshire and am now branching out to newborn photography.

    Keep up the good work

    Take care,

    Katie xx

  4. Jessica Hawkett says:

    Thank you! I am sitting here contemplating giving up my dream of running a successful photography business as it all seems to overwhelming and hard all because I compare myself to others way to much. Time to go back to basics and just take photos that I love and am proud of! X

  5. Belinda Dorman says:

    Kelly just what I needed today, I came to your blog to find some inspiration and remind myself why I love photographing newborns and to remind myself what I learnt at your posing workshop. After a few very less than average sessions I will keep going because I know I am progressing and I have it in me 🙂 Thankyou!

  6. Erin says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. Some days I can look at an image and know that its one of my best efforts – then all it takes is to see someone else’s work, or for the parent to not share it on their facebook feed, and I start questioning whether it is good enough.

    Which leads me to a question – (aside from yours and Sue Bryce’s amazing creative live courses, which I have done and learned sooooo much from) are there any you could recommend for those wanting to step it up? I can often see there is a gap in my knowledge, but Im not sure where to go to fill it sometimes!

  7. Kristy says:

    loved reading this and watching your clip. It’s so true that we all start somewhere and i LOVE going back over old images and seeing how much I’ve improved. Thanks for sharing x

  8. Jenny Gibson says:

    Kelly, every time I am struggling it seems you have the right thing to say 🙂 I was looking for something else today and fell upon this post… it was just what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you for continuing to encourage and inspire.

  9. Johne67 says:

    I’m pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! deeekegdgecf

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you for your inspirational words and video Kelly. I’ve got my degree in photography, just starting out on my exciting newborn adventure…hope my journey goes on and on. Your words, ages and ethos are an inspiration xxxx

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