~ Noah ~ Brisbane baby photographer

I met this beautiful mother of two in 1988 when we were in Grade 6 together 🙂  Never in my wildest dreams running around a school play ground did I ever think I would be photographing her two gorgeous babies many years later!!!  I’m so glad our paths crossed again.


7 thoughts on “~ Noah ~ Brisbane baby photographer

  1. Bill Novak says:

    A note from the proudest poppy (grandfather)ever. Kel, chloe, noah and baz are a beautiful part of our lives and these moments are to be treasured

  2. Lorraine Thatcher says:

    Kel, you truly have a beautiful family. Photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to see them. X

  3. Adriana Pilonieta says:

    I WANT A BABY!!, A sweet smelling, soft cuddly little bundle, to curl up with. No, not one of my own, that department is closed, but I want a little newborn to photograph!!! Kelly your work is incredible. Thank you for posting this and giving me baby cravings, and being such an inspiring photographer.

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