China Travels 2018

So Easter was a little extraordinary for me – I was lucky enough to be invited by Mr Hou to speak at a wedding and children’s photography festival in Chongqing and then attend the opening of my good friends new studio in Wanzhou where I also taught a 2 day workshop.¬†Accompanied by my good friend Jade we were spoilt with sights, food and people almost every day we were there.¬† China is a magical place and for those of you who haven’t been across, I have put together a little journal of our expedition for you.


Posing baby in prop for the workshop.

Book signing for the official opening and well wishings

Talking through safety when posing wiht babies, how to position the carefully





Floating bed at the end of the 2 days training!

Opening ceremony of the wedding and children photographers festival. The chairman of the association + translator.


Enjoying the amazing local cuisine


Demostrating wrapping techniques at the workshop

Settling our beautiful baby ready to photograph.

Discussing the way to create the perfect environment for a shoot and understanding babies needs.


Adorable models that were entertaining at the opening of the studio.


This is the studio we opened! Love the translation – Oriental Fairy Tale


My friend Jade and I were spoilt with our accommodation – the hotel foyer…


Oh the food! So much and sooo good!


Our entourage we picked up from the wedding and children’s festival.

Frank, Jade and I in Wanzhou.


Pigeon head anyone? Don’t worry I passed on the local delicacy…


View from the hotel room in Wanzhou.

Hanging out with my friend LV Jilin – His work has always been such an inspiration and he’s just such a cool character!


Some more home style cuisine for lunch!


We were all invited to the official ribbon cutting for the opening.


Another of the entertainment acts

Partners in the new studio.


Some behind the scenes of the workshop…



Getting dressed with a corsage for the opening with the official chairman behind.



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